Links With Other Agencies

NASA was at the first organization meeting of CSSS in 1963. NASA also funded the first non-NSTA convention-time meeting of the Council to allow the CSSS to develop a monogram on the duties and responsibilities of State Science Supervisors. They also contracted CSSS to evaluate the Spacemobile program in the late 60's and subsequently funded a meeting of CSSS in Salt Lake City to compile a report of the results and recommend improvements to the program. Today NASA and CSSS are working to develop educational programs suitable for use in each state.

CSSS is an active supporter and developer in the National Standards in Science Education. All members are working in the development of their states' science frameworks and assessments.

CSSS is an affiliate of the National Science Teachers Association and supports the science reform efforts of NSTA. Each year CSSS holds its annual meeting just prior to the NSTA national convention.

The AAAS Project 2061 provides updates to the CSSS membership on this outstanding project.