Science Education Assessment

Performance-Based Science Assessments Webinar

On October 24, 2012 CSSS members offered a 90 minute webinar describing performance-based science assessments. The webinar featured presentations by Edys Quellmalz, WestEd; Lauren Monowar-Jones, OH; Gail Hall, VT; and Liz Buttner, CT. Due to technical complications the first part of the webinar was not successfully recorded. CSSS members can access the powerpoint slides and the recorded portion of the webinar from the links below.

Webinar Performance Assessments Webinar

Powerpoint Performance Assessments Powerpoint Slides

Taking Preliminary Steps to Integrate NGSS or NGSS-like Standards into Large-Scale Assessment, Presenters: Katie Bowler (Massachusetts) and April McCrae (Delaware)

Powerpoint Massachusetts Science Assessments: Where We Are, We Might Be going
Powerpoint First Steps in Preparing for NGSS Summative Assessment

Integrating Practices into Items, Presenters: Tom Regan and Chris Lazzaro, College Board

PowerpointIntegrating Practices into Items: Next Generation Assessments for Emerging Standards

State & Territory Science Assessment Information and Web Sites

The accompanying Excel spreadsheet presents useful information about different states' assessment of science including plans to utilize computer-based or technology-enhanced assessments. The information provides web sites for assessment which provides information about that state's science assessment. The designated specialist for science assessment and email address are also provided.

States should send updated assessment information to Blessing Mupanduki at

CSSS State Assessment Information CSSS State Assessment Information (Excel)

Large-Scale Assessment Discussions

PowerpointCollegeBoard - Integrating Practices into Items: Next Generation Assessments for Emerging Standards

PowerpointCSSS Large Scale Assessment Webinar - Adaptive Testing in Science

PowerpointMassachusetts Science Assessments: Where We Are, We Might be Going

PowerpointNext Generation Science Large-Scale Assessment Ideas and Discussion

PowerpointCSSS LSA NGSS Aligned Blueprints - Tuesday, January 6, 2015
1 hr 3 min

Powerpoint CSSS LSA Kentucky Science Assessment Plans - Wednesday, November 12, 2014
57 min

Powerpoint CSSS LSA Integrating Practices into Items - Tuesday, October 7, 2014
1 hr 4 min

Powerpoint CSSS Large Scale Science Assessment - Monday, July 7, 2014
53 min