General Science Safety Checklist

The following is a suggested checklist of safety concerns in K-12 science laboratories.

  1. Appropriated protective equipment for the science laboratory
  2. Enforcement of safety procedures
  3. All students and teachers know the local of all protective equipment
  4. All students read and sign a lab safety contract.
  5. Sufficient, accessible lab stations per number of students in each laboratory
  6. All students must wear proper safety goggles whenever chemicals, glassware, or heat is used
  7. Equipment and chemical inventory maintained
  8. Chemicals properly arranged by compatibility and securely stored
  9. Restricted amounts of chemicals
  10. Adequate labeling on equipment, chemicals and hazards
  11. Material Safety Data Sheets
  12. Unobstructed exits from laboratory
  13. Uncluttered laboratories
  14. Master shut-off switches for gas, water and electricity
  15. Safety Rules and charts posted
  16. Records kept on safety training and lab incidents
  17. Emergency exit/escape plan posted
  18. Live animals and students are protected from one another