Conference Presentations from Previous Years

2017 CSSS National Conference - March 26 - March 29, 2016 - Los Angeles, CA

Agenda Conference Agenda (pdf)

Monday Presentations

Tuesday Presentations

  • Science Education Perspective and Update - David Evans and Jodi Peterson (Coming Soon)

Wednesday Presentations


2016 CSSS National Conference - March 28 - March 30, 2016 - Nashville, TN

Agenda Conference Agenda (pdf)     Agenda Monday Roundtable Descriptions (pdf)     Agenda Wednesday Roundtable Descriptions (pdf)


Sunday - New Member Presentations
AgendaWhat is the Council for State Science Supervisors? - Matt Kriebhl
AgendaWho are Members of CSSS? - Sam Shaw
AgendaOverview of Format of Conference - Sarah Young
AgendaMentoring and Committee Work with CSSS - Tiffany Neill
AgendaPAEMST Overview - Linda Jordan

Monday Presentations
AgendaLandscape of Tennessee Science Education - Tammy Shelton
AgendaProfessional Learning Standards for Science Education - Sam Shaw
AgendaEngaging in Professional Learning through the Three Dimensions - Brett Moulding
AgendaIntegrating Engineering into Science Professional Learning - Dr. Cary Sneider
AgendaUsing MSP grants to support Professional Learning Experiences in Science - Amanda Buice
AgendaCS3 and NSTA: High Impact Collaboration for the Next Generation - Al Byers

Tuesday Presentations
AgendaScience Education Policy - Peter McLaren
AgendaDesigning and Utilizing Three Dimensional Science Assessments - Joe Krajcik
AgendaOpportunities for Support for CS3 Initiatives and Work with NSTA – Al Byers
AgendaOpportunities for Support for CS3 Initiatives and Work with STEM Indicators – Dr. Rolf Blank
AgendaOpportunities for Support for CS3 Initiatives and Work with STEM Funders – Gerald Solomon

Wednesday Presentations
AgendaNSTA Updates - Jodi Peterson
AgendaAdapting Curriculum for 3 Dimensional Learning – Phillip Bell and Bill Penuel - Slides
AgendaAdapting Curriculum for 3 Dimensional Learning – Phillip Bell and Bill Penuel - Materials

Candidates Statements

Ist Year Director

  1. Doug Paulson
  2. Cathy Mackey

President Elect

  1. Tiffany Neill
  2. Sam Shaw


  1. Ellen Ebert


Council of State Science Supervisors 2013 Annual Conference—San Antonio

Conference Agenda (pdf)

Addressing Equity in the Implementation of the NGSS
Okhee Lee, Professor of Childhood Education
New York University


Literacy Connections – Common Core State Standards and the NGSS
Arthur Beauchamp, Director
Sacramento Area Science Project


Mathematics Connections – Common Core State Standards and the NGSS
Robert Mayes & Thomas Koballa
Georgia Southern University College of Education


The NGSS@NSTA Portal
Ted Willard, Director
NGSS@NSTA, National Science Teachers Association


Using Climate Change to Address the NGSS in Classroom Teaching: How TERC can Help
Tamara Shapiro Ledley


An Overview of the NGSS – Process, Substance and Next Steps
Stephen Pruitt, VP for Content, Research & Development
Achieve Inc.


NSTA Science Initiatives Update
David L. Evans, Executive Director


NSTA Science Initiatives Update
Jodi Peterson, Assistant Executive Director
NSTA Office of Legislative and Public Affairs


Electronic Texts and New Digital Resources to Support the Next Generation of Science
Reid Whitaker, Executive Director
Rice University Digital Learning and Scholarship


Questions, Claims And Evidence: Teaching Argumentation In The NGSS Through The Use Of A Science Writing Heuristic
Brian Hand, Professor
College of Education, University of Iowa


Developing Assessments of Science Proficiency in K-12 – Board on Testing and Assessment
James Pellegrino, Learning Sciences Research Institute
University of Illinois at Chicago


Planning for implementation of the NGSS: creating courses, strands, and maps
Sean Elkins (KY)
Matt Krehbiel (KS)
Peter McLaren (RI)
John Olson (MN)

All Pre-Pub PEs
Core Idea Cards
HS Component Idea Cards
HS Core and Component Ideas
MS Component Idea Cards
MS Core and Component Ideas

2012 CSSS National Conference – March 26 - 28, 2012 - Indianapolis, IN

2012 Conference Podcasts

ListenUsing Learning Progressions to Support Formative Assessment Practices
Alicia Alonzo, Assistant Professor of Teacher Education, Michigan State University

ListenOverview of a new NRC study to guide test development based on the NRC Framework and the NGSS - Martin Storksdieck, Director, Board on Science Education, National Research Council


Past National Conference - March 7 to 9, 2011 in San Francisco

2011 Meeting Materials (Members Only)
Conference Agenda (pdf)



webinar Learning Progressions in Science: An Overview

Presented by Aaron Rogat
Consortium for Policy and Research in Education (CPRE)
Teachers College, Columbia University

Originally aired Thursday, November 4, 2010, 3:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. EST

As a result of our participation in the regional reviews of the Conceptual Framework for Science Education Standards many Council members have expressed interest in learning more about the Learning Progressions (LPs) that were an explicit part of the Conceptual Frameworks. This is the recording of a webinar presented on November 4, 2010 to provide a deeper understanding of LPs to CSSS membership.

Podcasts from 2010 CS³ Meeting
CSSS is happy to include links to the podcasts that were created at the CSSS Annual Conference in Philadelphia. Many thanks go to CSSS State member Anita Bernhardt (Maine) for her energy and expertise in capturing five of the presentations. The podcasts are as follows:

Listen Learning Progressions in Science: An Evidence-Based Approach to Reform - Tom Corcoran
The podcast captures this presentation well. There are one or two places that there had to be short splices. Nothing of significance is lost.

Listen Title IIB MSP Update - Miriam Lund, US Dept. of Ed.
For some reason we missed the first 10 minutes of the presentation. I think you can easily pick up where the recording starts. Miriam offers some specific advice about program operation and funding.

Listen Legislative Update – Vance Abbott, TCEB
The podcast captures this presentation well.

Listen Science Conceptual Framework and Standards - Tom Keller, and Brett Moulding, Board on Science Education
The podcast picks up with Tom Keller and the conversation that followed.

Listen Science College Board Standards - Chris Lazzaro
The podcast captures this presentation well.

Many thanks go to the talented folks at the Maine Learning Technology Initiative who supported the production of the podcasts.