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Joanna BrunoJoanna Bruno
Science Content Specialist
Colorado Department of Education
1580 Logan Street
Suite 300
Denver, CO 80203


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Local Control

State Education Demographics

  • Number of K-12 Students: 889,006
  • Number of School Administrative Units: 183

Standards Resources:  Curriculum and Instruction

Colorado Academic Standards Web page
Standards implementation support
The Colorado Academic Standards in Science are grade level standards P-8 and then standards for high school. The standards integrate content and process standards built around the end in mind which incorporates the nature of science and 21st century skills. They provide a learning progression within 10 big ideas (called prepared graduate competencies). The idea was to create a seamless system P-13.

State Science Assessment Information

  • Given at what grades: 5, 8, and Highschool
  • Time of Year: Spring
  • Type of Assessment: Selected Response, Constructed Response and Simulations

Colorado Department of Education Unit of Student Assessment