NLIST (Networking for Leadership, Inquiry and Systems Thinking)

A joint effort of CSSS and NASA to bring inquiry learning to the schools.

NLISTOur Vision
The Networking for Leadership, Inquiry and Systemic Thinking (NLIST) team has operationally defined Science as Inquiry and is using this definition to develop procedures for the alignment of instruction resources. This foundational process, for developing criteria, indicators, and a rubric, lays out the general process as to how all system elements will be developed and used for appropriately supporting the implementation of "Science as Inquiry" over time and with adequate resources.

NLIST has initiated key networking processes and is producing useful Internet products for more effective science education program implementation. 




  • Operational Definition of "Science as Inquiry"
  • Creation of Evaluation Rubrics
  • Workshops to Educate and Inform
  • Available in various versions:
  • Assessment Tools for Students
  • Identification of Leadership Attributes
  • Action Planning to Further Efforts
  • Field Testing of Tools
  • Community Partnerships and Involvement
  • Designed Facilities
  • Technology Infrastructure
  • Online Learning Communities

NLIST Resources